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4 Tips on Choosing a Staffing Agency as a Job Seeker

September 15th, 2014

Making a choice between three doors

Picking the right staffing agency

The right choice is key to your future employment.

Have you ever had so many choices presented to you that you found yourself paralyzed by the options?  Recently, I went through the process of shopping for a new car.  At first I was excited due to the pure number of possibilities out there in the car market.  I started imagining what my ideal car would look like.  It needed to match my driving habits, but also needed to match my personality. With thousands of options at my fingertips, I assumed that at least one car out there would be the perfect choice, right?


I started narrowing my search by considering what I want, and what I need. As I started talking with sales agents, they each tried to “sell me” that their car models were the best and that all the others were sub-par.  Eventually, I became disillusioned by the whole process.  Every time I came close to making a decision, I started to consider the opportunity costs of not selecting other models.  I wanted some features on one model, some on another.  After all of this searching I ultimately decided to keep the car I currently own, since it seemed there wasn’t a “perfect fit” out there for me.


Just like my car search, looking for a staffing agency can be daunting from both the client and candidate perspective.  How can you choose if the company with which you’re doing business is the perfect match for what you are looking for?

Here’s our list of top items to investigate before signing off on working with a staffing agency:


Does the staffing agency have a record of success with the client?

Asking how many candidates the staffing agency has placed at the specific client will give you a very quick idea of how helpful the recruiting agency can be in your specific situation.

Do they have a structured follow up process?

The number one concern with working with a staffing agency is a lack of follow up.  All too often, recruiters will promise the moon and then completely drop all communications without notice.  If the recruiter is able to provide a clear path forward and tell you when you should be expecting an update, it can provide a much greater piece of mind during the recruiting process.

Does the staffing agency have an online presence?

If you run a Google search for the name of the company but don’t see their website listed, it’s probably a bad sign.  Similarly, if their social media sites are littered with irrelevant material or not present at all, it displays another type of unprofessionalism.

Does the recruiter seem knowledgeable over the phone?

If the person you’re speaking with does not seem knowledgeable about your resume, the opening, or the client, it shows a lack in preparation.  A great staffing agency would put in the time to make each conversation meaningful and try to have a positive impact on your future success.


With the thousands of options out there when it comes to choosing a staffing agency, there has to be at least one company out there that can live up to your expectations.  We might be a bit partial here at Tailored Management, but we feel like it’s worth a conversation.


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2 Responses to “4 Tips on Choosing a Staffing Agency as a Job Seeker”

  1. March 25, 2016 at 5:08 pm, Jeremy Smithfield said:

    I think that you must first ask if this agency has a track record of success. You would not want to put your trust in a recruitment agency that has not succeeded in the past; therefore, do your homework and find a successful agency. Next, do your part in the preparations and you will have your dream job in no time.


  2. November 04, 2016 at 10:42 am, Shad Morris said:

    Thank you for all this great information about staffing agencies. I really like that you say to look at their follow up process, or lack of one. It would be nice to see that they are making sure that you have what you need, and following up.


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