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A Centralized Recruiting Hub As The Future of Staffing

May 30th, 2014

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A Centralized Recruitment Hub rejuvenates the hiring process.

Once again a key project comes across your desk that will monopolize your team’s capacity for the next year. Unfortunately, your team is desperately understaffed for the required work, but you’ll need to start the recruiting process. Where do you begin?


It’s easy to post an ad on your website and see what types of consultants might apply. Unfortunately, you already know from previous experience that there’s an ocean of candidates that will apply to those advertisements and only a select few that are worth interviewing (and even fewer that are a fit for your needs).


There are a multiple avenues that hiring managers explore which provide a band-Aid for their hiring situations. Common examples include:

Independent Consultants – ‘Lone Wolves’ prowling the job boards looking for their next paycheck.

Small to Medium Firms – Local companies that only have a few key clients and limited industry experience.

Large National Firms – National companies with numerous candidates on the bench ready to fly out to clients’ locations and start their next gig.

Even Larger International Consultant Firms – Faceless organizations that can ramp up quickly with varying quality and consistency.


Have you ever thought, “These methods might have the potential to fit our current needs, but there has to be a better way?”


That’s exactly what Tailored Management thought as well. Over our 40 years of service, we’ve developed a Centralized Recruiting Hub that has allowed us to provide the flexibility and consistency of smaller firms while competing with the firepower of larger firms.


Where other companies have not been able to deliver a consistent level of service, the Tailored Approach will pair up one of our stellar Account Managers and a dedicated recruiting team to help support you and your projects. This method allows us to perform at a higher level than the competition in the recruiting process.


This approach does not just work in theory. As we’ve developed this process, we’ve rescued failing branches from bad hires, gone above and beyond to service our clients, and rejuvenated hiring practices across the nation.


Gone are the days of “phone book” recruiting strategies. Tailored Management is an industry leader in recruiting, moving away from the brick and mortar models of yesterday, and moving towards the new age of interactive recruiting. Utilizing social media, building true symbiotic relationships with both the candidates and our clients, and harnessing our passion for finding better ways to manage the recruiting process has allowed us to achieve tremendous growth over the past several years.


Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself how “the future of staffing is Tailored” – and let’s get started!

Find out how Tailored can deliver results for you.

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