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The End of Full Time Positions?

July 24th, 2014

Gold Watch
Careers with gold watch retirements may have come to an end.

We would all like to believe that every position that we have will provide us with the stability to have a long, rewarding career and a nice retirement package at the end of our professional career. However, this dream, and the gold watch that comes with it, is often no longer a reality.  In today’s world, many companies are hiring a contract labor force, or bringing people onboard under a contract to hire.  It’s time that professionals start to face the fact that every job is temporary.     Recently one of LinkedIn’s founders, Reid Hoffman, got together with some colleagues and wrote a book about the transition to a job market where every position was a contract role, “The Alliance.”  In the book, they outline a process where every hire was made in support of projects the employer was currently going though.  As companies hired specialists to support their business contracts, the contractors gained new skills while building on their previous experiences.   In the simulation within the book, from a business perspective, productivity would rise due to the hiring of consultants specifically for each major project as needed.  A company would constantly be able to improve their talent with the idea of being able to constantly hire top tier candidates after each completed “tour of duty.”  Companies would also be able to become more agile in their business processes because they could rapidly be able to change their environment to better meet a client’s needs or project deadlines.  After all, what company doesn’t want to be more productive while also being able to fit its clients’ needs better?   As an employee, at first, the notion of never being a full time employee can be discouraging. But once a mental transition is made, instead, you can view this as your beginning to endless career possibilities.  From a pay perspective, Forbes recently published a study discussing that employees that stay with a company for longer than 2 years earn 50% less than those who change positions more often.  Moving from one tour of duty to the next allows your skills to stay the cutting edge, and allows you to maximize your earning potential and professional experience.   While this transition to a project-based workforce is still going on, some companies are making this transition work – including the clients we serve here at Tailored Management.  Now that you’ve read this posting, perhaps it is time for you to consider what a staffing agency can do for you to allow your next move into the future of staffing.   Do you agree? Disagree? Have questions? Leave your comments below – let the conversation begin!

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