Fortune 19 Case Study - Tailored Management

Fortune 19 Case Study

March 4th, 2014

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The Problem

Our client’s major vendor was a national company which subcontracted with smaller companies to fill each of their positions throughout the country and even abroad. Because the message of job orders had to change many hands prior to being received by a local recruiter, the company cited “spin-offs” that were not consistent with the original order. Our client attempted to solve the problem by hiring additional vendors, but the number of vendors soon became overwhelming for each locale. Other companies, even national ones, did not have the time or willingness to work on recruiting internationally.

The Solution

Tailored Management was hired on as one of these additional vendors, assuming that they would serve the headquarters location in Dublin, OH. They hired an account manager who trained a team to serve our client’s specialized needs. Recruiters were selected to identify specific skill sets required, – not just healthcare in general. They also researched how to comply with special requirements in their hiring process, including a hair follicle test, which other clients do not use. The Centralized Model allowed not just a transmission of job orders but a true partnership. Over time, Tailored was able to service both large classes and special projects – even those overseas.

The Result

Not only was Tailored able to quickly fill jobs in Dublin – they became our client’s top vendor with 100 professional contractors in the first five months. In just 2 hours, Tailored was able to discern how to recruit and pay an employee the company needed in Germany – something that our client’s other vendors were not able to do despite months of requests. Now serving this client internationally, Tailored Management has maintained their position as this client’s top vendor across markets for the past 2 years.

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