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How Basketball Principles Apply to Your Career

March 25th, 2014

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Although office productivity might be at an all-time low while offices huddle around small TV’s to watch the Cinderella teams get the shot off at the buzzer to win and stay alive, the end of March can bring up a number of emotions for both fanatics and passive watchers alike. As we watch these phenomenal athletes and teams compete to win the championship, there are a number of common characteristics that are consistently present and can be applied to your career.

Here is Tailored Management’s list of traits you can use to continue to grow and develop your career:

Competitive Spirit

Aaron Craft

It’s hard to argue against Aaron Craft’s competitiveness. He’s consistently fighting for every loose ball and pushing his team to go the extra mile. Find goals to set for yourself to push your skills and ability further than yourself or your boss would imagine.


Wichita State

It’s a thing of beauty to watch a team work together so well on both sides of the ball. No one person can achieve even close to the amount of success that a team would be able accomplish when everyone is on the same page.


Doug McDermott

Whether Doug is at the foul line to shoot the game winning shot or getting ready for the game in warm-ups, he is focused on the task at hand. In today’s connected world it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on the project that is before you. Take some time to turn off those outside distractions and focus on the task at hand.


Jabari Parker

When Jabari has the basketball it’s often times tough to tell what he’s going to do next. The ability to create a solution for even the most complex problems takes another level of determination. What would happen in your job if your coworkers noticed that there wasn’t a problem you couldn’t solve due to your creativity?


Adrian Payne

There is a difference between working harder and working smarter. Understanding problems to the fullest and providing simple solutions can lead to new doors in your career.


Nik Stauskas

When Michigan is on the ropes and Coach Izzo needs one of his players to come through for him, he always falls back on Nik. While you may roll your eyes as it seems like your boss thinks they have all of the answers, they are in an authority position over your role. Understanding criticism from management and making appropriate changes can go a long way to making you be the go-to person for a future role – even in management yourself.


C.J. Fair

Even in the heat of the moment, C.J. keeps his cool and understands that everyone on the court has the same goal. Going out of your way to help others out with their workload can lead to many opportunities that alternatively would not have been presented.

If you can work to apply these traits in your career, we’re confident it will be hard to deny you future successes. So, closely start watching what makes the athletes strong during March Madness. What other traits can you see in the teams that can be applied to your career?

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