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Motivating Millennials

July 22nd, 2015

Motivating Millennials in the Workplace: A Helpful Guide

When I say “Millennial,” what comes to mind? Millennials are the most technology-advanced multitasking generation, which means they switch from smart phone, to laptop, to tablet, to television an average of 27 times an hour! Often misunderstood, their personalities may make them even seem narcissistic, unfocused and lazy, which may lead to misunderstandings in the workplace. Why hire Millennials at all?

There are roughly 80 million Millennials comprising more than 36 percent of the workforce. If they weren’t employed, our economy would collapse and we’d be talking about China taking over in 10 years. In an effort to keep America’s position at the top, here are some tips to motivate Millennials in the office to capitalize on their skills.

Step 1: Pour on the Praise

It should be no secret that the Selfie Generation needs more applause than any other group. Lucky for you, this step is free. A simple “thank you” or “congratulations” goes a long way to motivate Millennials to do their best.

Step 2: Flex It

About 33 percent of Millennials place schedule flexibility over salary when considering a job offer. This generation knows they can work anytime from anywhere as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Arbitrary work hours or sitting at a desk will bum out your average Millennial. Consider offering unlimited vacation time to combat burnout while your Millennial workers go on a spiritual surfing expedition to Portugal.

Step 3: Upward Mobility

Entering the workforce when the economy is in the toilet means that Millennials are less loyal towards their employers. Working the same job for three or four years is almost torture for flighty Millennials, so create in-between titles to keep them motivated. Is Junior Executive Manager of Data Consulting better than Assistant Manager of Junior Accounts? Who cares!

With these three steps, your company is on the way to motivating Millennials and, as alluded to above, doing your patriotic duty.

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