Quarter 2 Corporate Giveback Award - Tailored Management

Quarter 2 Corporate Giveback Award

September 3rd, 2014

Kathryn Marshall Corporate Giveback Award

Tailored Management is pleased to announce that our winners for our Quarter 2 Corporate Giveback Award for 2014 are Kathryn and Michael Marshall!

Michael Marshall Corporate Giveback Award

Kathryn was driving to Tailored Management several months ago when she received a call from one of our recruiters (Maddy) about a position. Noting the coincidence, she said she was already en route to our office for an open interview! She was quickly placed in a position, and referred her husband Michael to also visit Tailored Management.


Although the same company was not as well suited for him, another opportunity ended up being his perfect fit just days later. Kathryn and Michael, like all of our Corporate Giveback winners, have demonstrated through their exceptional work ethic to be superior employees. They were selected because they received positive feedback from their managers, and have also been a pleasure for their recruiter to work with.


Typically Tailored Management selects one associate per quarter to win the award, but due to this special circumstance, Kathryn and Marshall will share this award.


At Tailored Management, your extra effort LITERALLY pays off! Our Quarter 3 2014 Corporate Giveback winner(s) will be announced soon!

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