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Ask for Time Off and Get It

February 16th, 2016

Columbus staffing

Ask for Time Off – And Get It! It’s no secret that American workers don’t take enough time off. In fact, nearly half of the workforce takes ZERO time off from work. But why? After all, one of the key bargaining points when applying for a job or negotiating salary and benefits is the amount […]

Do More by Doing Less

February 2nd, 2016

Do More by Doing Less: How to Be More Effective at Your Job in Less Time You’re working all wrong. There, we said it. The American workplace is functioning within the confines of a system and habits that were established during the industrial revolution, and while they’re not actually destructive, “We’ve always done it this […]

Cover Letter Resume and Job Ads

Cover letters come in 3 main types. Learn how cover letters are your first point of contact and really help you to sell yourself to future employers.
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Cleaning Outdoors

Resume cleaning is a good practice to do once a year or at least every job change, so you don’t fall behind. Here’s some tips on updating your resume.
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Basketball Player Cartoon Doctors Office

See how some valuable career characteristics shown on the basketball court can be applied to any successful career path.
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