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Do You Have a Job? Or a Career?

January 27th, 2016

Do You Have a Job? Or a Career? Working for a living is a fact of life. Money is exchanged for goods and services; that’s how our economy works. The age-old concept of supply and demand creates jobs, which provides people with money to buy the necessities, which puts money back into the economy… It’s a […]

The Psychology of Color and How it Affects Your Work Color affects everybody. Whether it’s fear or anxiety from the flashing red lights on an emergency vehicle, the warmth and calm from the orange glow of a sunset, or even the soothing mellow given off by a neutral taupe. In 2005, police in Nara, Japan […]

The Biggest Mistakes Made by Job Seekers: Part One Part One:  Applications Despite the abundant information that is available regarding job applications and interviews, there are still some people who fall into the same traps. In such a competitive world as the job market, it’s crucial not to make the small mistakes; it could have […]

Beating Job Interview Nerves: Part One Preparation One of the biggest problems job seekers face has to be job interview nerves. The pressure to impress a potential employer, in addition to simply getting the job, can be overwhelming for a lot of people. It’s important to know that job interview nerves can be controlled. How? […]

Nowadays getting an interview is like finding one of Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets –it’s a great opportunity but you don’t want to walk out of it looking like Veruca after she falls down the egg chute. Knowing how to follow the unspoken rules of an interview can save you from making a mistake that could cost you […]

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