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Tailored Management’s growth is really starting to make an impact in the Central Ohio area. Over the past several years the company has more than doubled in size and continued to have lasting success with our Fortune 500 clients. We’ve found success in the VMS/MSP marketplace where other recruiting companies have struggled to produce consistent […]

Kathryn Marshall Corporate Giveback Award

Winners for our Quarter 2 Corporate Giveback Award for 2014 are Kathryn and Michael Marshall!
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Gold Watch

Full time positions are giving way to contract labor forces that utilize contract to hire specialists to meet project goals.

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David Tucker Excellence Award Winner Photo

David Tucker is our first Excellence Award winner for exemplifying what it means to be a Tailored Management employee.
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Staffing Recruiting Radar

See how a Centralized Recruiting Hub provides consistency and flexibility like smaller firms while still maintaining the firepower of larger agencies.
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paper towel roll phone

Practical phone interview tips for continuing the hiring process and landing your new job. Follow our simple steps to stand out from the other candidates.
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Cover Letter Resume and Job Ads

Cover letters come in 3 main types. Learn how cover letters are your first point of contact and really help you to sell yourself to future employers.
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Old Classified Job Ads

The Hiring Process is changing. Learn the keys to using the free services of Staffing Agencies to your advantage in finding your new job.
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Quarterly Staffing Recognition Award

Our Quarterly Staffing Award will be given to two candidates that exceed expectations. See how you can be a nominee.
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Cleaning Outdoors

Resume cleaning is a good practice to do once a year or at least every job change, so you don’t fall behind. Here’s some tips on updating your resume.
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The Future of Staffing is Tailored