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The Biggest Mistakes Made by Job Seekers: Part One

October 28th, 2015

The Biggest Mistakes Made by Job Seekers: Part One

Part One:  Applications

Despite the abundant information that is available regarding job applications and interviews, there are still some people who fall into the same traps. In such a competitive world as the job market, it’s crucial not to make the small mistakes; it could have dire consequences. Keep the following tips in mind the next time you apply for a job:

Pay Attention to Detail

Potential employers who have been in the game for a while will have established certain criteria for job applications. In other words, they will be very specific about how, when, and where you should apply. However, many job seekers simply don’t pay attention to the small details. What they also don’t know is how easily these oversights can become the difference between getting an interview and staying at home.

Focus your Energy

It’s definitely not unreasonable to assume that the more applications you send out, the better your chance of landing an interview. Unfortunately, it’s a misleading assumption.  As you read this, there are thousands of individuals sending out applications for jobs they have little to no chance of getting. Even though this might sound harsh or judgmental, they simply don’t have the right qualifications and experience to assume the position. What they should be doing instead is focusing on their strong points and applying for jobs within their capabilities. Perfecting one application is much better than sending out ten mediocre applications. Find opportunities that suit your skills and direct all your energy towards them.

Proofread your Application

There is nothing more unprofessional than an application that has grammar, format, and spelling mistakes. Always remember that an application is a reflection of who you are and the skills you represent. This also means that employers will translate common mistakes as reasons not to hire you. If you are unable to present yourself in a professional light, then how are you going to represent the company you want to work for? Even worse, will you be able to do your job without needing your work to be double-checked?

Always Be Honest

Due to the high pressures that come with finding a job, it’s not surprising that some applicants tend to exaggerate or falsify information. This can be made-up references, levels of education, and even experience. For the most part, people expect potential employers to only make one call to a previous employer. In truth, there is no telling how many calls an employer will make, especially if the job entails great responsibility. With this in mind, always be honest about what you have achieved up to that point, and don’t risk building a bad reputation.

Believe it or not, these are mistakes that are being made regularly, and they hardly ever go unnoticed. Take these recommendations to heart and focus on building a great career.  

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