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The End of Your Temporary Contract

June 16th, 2015

Your Temporary Contract Ended. Now What?

So, you are now coming to the end of your temporary contract. “What now?” you wonder. All is not lost! Above all, do not panic. Here are our top tips for staying employed, finding new employment, and for getting through this stage in one piece!

Stay Positive

No experience is a waste of time. Undoubtedly, on your assignment you will have picked up new skills or enhanced the ones you already had. You will have made new contacts or friends and will have new knowledge about the organization you worked for.
Consider What You Want to Do Next
Take stock of the experiences you’ve had. Was there a particular job you really liked? Were there particular tasks that you enjoyed over others? Consider the answers to those questions to determine what type of career field you want to move into. Your recruiter is a great resource in helping you find a position that you will be passionate about.

Be Proactive

Remind the organization that you are keen to stay there, and why. List the reasons we have given above, as well as describing what it is that you like about the organization and what you particularly enjoy there. Try to arrange a one-on-one meeting with your direct supervisor to talk about the next steps after your contract finishes. Ask about any available permanent positions for which you may be suitable. Take a look at internal job postings as well.
Keep in contact with your recruitment agency, reminding them that you want to stay in employment. Ask them if they have any roles available that you would be suited for after your contract ends. At Tailored Management, we ask that you maintain contact at least bi-monthly to keep your “active” status.
Look for other jobs. You have this new experience to add to your resume and employers will be interested in hiring you. Be proactive. Let friends know that your contract will be up soon and that you are seeking work. Their employers may be hiring. Also, look at as many different recruitment websites as you can. Recruitment is a fast-paced industry and new websites pop up all the time with a wide range of different opportunities.

Try to Save Some Money

With a job that is not permanent, although hopefully you will soon be rehired, it is best to keep some of your earnings stored away just in case you are unemployed for a little while.

Update Your Resume

Remember, you’ve gained new experiences and skills through your current position. Pull out your resume and make sure it’s up to date with your new skills and experience. Make sure you include specific achievements you accomplished, and don’t just repeat your job description. Research the positions you’re interested in and look for keywords that will help employers find and identify you. Giving specifics examples of your accomplishments will set you apart from other job seekers. Check out our previous post on updating your resume for more tips.


Keep your eyes and ears open for any events your colleagues are holding, and whether it is birthday drinks or a charity race, count yourself in! Let them see how keen you are to be a part of their team. Not only is it nice, it also gives you a chance of having a good word put in by a colleague.

Tie Up Loose Ends and Say “Thank You”

Make sure that before you clock out on your last day, every task on your to-do list, big or small, has been completed so there isn’t anything left outstanding. Thank management and your colleagues for welcoming you and for the great opportunity they have given you.

If it is the Last Day of Your Contract and You Still Don’t Have Anything Lined Up…

…again, do not panic. Remember your recruiter is there to help. Reach out to them and let them know you are available for a new opportunity.
Remember, there is a position for you. Stay positive and be proactive!

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