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Fortune 100 Case Study

March 4th, 2014

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The Problem

Following a brick-and-mortar model, our client required a number of different vendors to staff their locations across the country. They required an adaptable model to quickly fill call center requirements, and found that there was a significant disconnect between a message being sent, a vendor receiving the job order, the job order being transmitted to the locality, and finally being received by the recruiters. In one of our clients locations vendors seemed to have other priorities, and the company didn’t know if the branch there could survive.

The Solution

Tailored Management hired a dedicated account manager and team to consistently serve our client. Recruiters on the team developed expertise in the specific profiles required, including their specialized niches in banking and finance. The account manager maintained constant contact with the company, and asked detailed questions to ensure that we understood and would be able to fill the job orders correctly. Each member of the team had ownership of this success, so that individual accountability was centered on the client.

The Result

Tailored Management was asked to service the Columbus-area call center initially, and from their first hired class of candidates was able to fill 75-80% of all requested openings. Following this success, our client requested that Tailored staff for two additional locations, and within 3-6 months in each became the top vendor in these cities as well. Our client describes Tailored as the vendor that “rescued” this branch.

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