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Fortune 200 Case Study

March 4th, 2014

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The Problem

Our client, based in Arizona, had no vendor management program or governance over spending for contract labor. There were no metrics to gauge performance, nor visibility for their positions. Each manager was required to find contractors as needed, because vendors could not get the job done. This came at a great cost to the company, and they were looking for a vendor that could adapt to their ever-changing needs.

The Solution

The Director of Talent Acquisition at saw Tailored Management’s success with national recruiting for other companies and selected Tailored as a national vendor. As with prior clients, Tailored designated from within its Centralized Recruiting Hub an account manager and dedicated team of recruiters. The account manager maintained constant contact with our client, and passed job orders directly to the recruiters. Recruiters who serviced this client became trained in locating specialized resumes for those in biomedical technology, engineering and clinical research fields. Interviews were conducted via telephone and Skype, and the paperwork process was streamlined electronically.

The Result

Within 3 months of signing the contract, Tailored Management became their number one vendor. Tailored has been able to locate candidates from across the country who fit the perfect profile, from specialized engineers to clinical pathologists. One order with extremely specific requirements took a Tailored recruiter to find a candidate in Florida who, with our help, was able to relocate to Arizona. She contacted Tailored one month after starting and described “the blessing of finding my dream job.

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